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Maya Zack | Confidence spcialist hypnotherapy Brighton & LondonHelping professional women with confidence around work & performance – whether in business or wanting to start their own.

Get rid of insecurity, stress and overwhelm so that you can finally stop procrastinating, get into action and move towards your work or business goals with clarity, passion and confidence!

I also help you kick more ass, whether with your business team or in your studies!

Helping clients in my hypnotherapy Brighton and London practice since 2007.


Business women confidence specialist programmes | Maya Zack hypnotherapy

Kick-Ass Confidence

The Kick-Ass Confidence premium long-term programme. Limited number of FREE breakthrough sessions. Get in touch to book yours!

Business development for better and happier teams - Maya Zack London and Brighton hypnotherapy

Business Performance

Happy Business programmes for stress-free, focused & happier teams. Boost productivity, creativity, confidence & more. Kick ass while making a positive impact!

The Academic Performance Programme - Maya Zack Hypnotherapy Brighton and London

Exam Preparation

Academic performance programmes for students or institutions. For stress-free, more confident and focused students and getting higher grades!

What benefits can you expect to get out of hypnotherapy or the Sedona Method™?

Expect to gain:

  • More confidence and self-belief
  • More clarity and peace of mind
  • More self-awareness and control over your emotional and mental states

Expect to learn:

  • Simple tools you can easily use on your own
  • Simple processes you can apply to any areas of your life
  • Simple ways to continue making progress outside sessions

Expect to work with:

  • The right step-by-step treatment plan especially designed for your specific needs
  • The right tools to suit your personal preferences and individuality
  • The right support for reaching your goals as quickly as possible – typically sooner than with most conventional methods or therapies

You’re in the right place if:

  • You’re struggling with stress or anxiety related issues, whether it’s affecting your health, relationships or career
  • You want to increase your confidence or your feelings of self-worth
  • You want to take responsibility and be more in charge of your thoughts and feelings
  • You’re distracted. You want to to stay focused and invested in moving forward
  • You want to move from negative to positive thinking
  • You’re highly committed and motivated to welcome real change in your life and let go of what’s not useful
  • You’ve tried other types of therapy or tools that didn’t work for you or maybe their effects didn’t last
  • You keep holding onto things that you know are holding you back
  • You’re interested in practical tools for self development
  • You want to make more of a positive impact in the world, and simply love & enjoy life more!

You may not be in the right place if:

  • You’re not fully committed to your process or to our sessions
  • You expect a magic wand to be waved
  • You’re comfortable where you are and you’re not really looking for change

If you’re unsure whether I can help you with your particular needs and goals please check for more detailed information on how hypnotherapy can help you or why you might want to use the Sedona Method™.

Sessions are available in person or online via Skype.

If you’re wondering whether I’m the right specialist for you to work with, check out more information about me. Or if you simply have some questions, please get in touch.

I also offer a limited number of FREE online Kick-Ass Confidence breakthrough sessions a month – so let’s talk!

…I saw results after our first sessions; I was a lot calmer and optimistic, I also felt like I didn’t need or require anything from life or anyone. The releases which we’ve worked on have helped me to see life differently, and it has brought a lot of success (in a very short time) into my life… ~ V.O., Brighton


I was stressed about several aspects of my life including work, relationships, people’s perceptions of me and my perception of myself. Since starting working with Maya, I’ve managed to release a lot of tension that was holding me back, and drop repeated negative thought patterns that would occasionally crop up just as things were going well… ~ R.H., Brighton

Hypnotherapy Brighton & Hove and London | Maya Zack specialist services

Maya Zack | Hypnotherapy Brighton and London confidence & performance specialist services