Why I’m perfectly OK with feeling envy

OR How to turn envy into a positive force Envy. You can admit it. It’s cool, we’ve all felt envious of others' success at some point in our lives, even of our friends. Sometimes even more so of our friends. As much as we’d like to think we’re above it, that we’re not...

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Inspiration won’t get you anywhere

Remember that time you were feeling super-hyped after attending a seminar, watching some video, reading a post or listening to a talk that made you want to finally take action, change direction or come up with new ideas? More importantly, this inspiration made you...

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Confidence vs self-worth and how to boost both

The issue of confidence is one of the major issues clients come to my practice with. The funny thing is, they often want to feel more confident yet don’t make the connection between that and self-worth. But quickly it becomes clear that they entertain thoughts and...

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The delusion of spiritual bullshit

Being part of the personal-development world as well as a resident of ‘alternative’ Brighton and part of the ‘psychedelic’ community I often come across attitudes which appear to call out for truth yet seem to embody, erm…well, a lot of bullshit. And especially now,...

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How to get rid of blocks by asking the right questions

Your subconscious mind is a resourceful and powerful learning machine. If used in the right way it can be your best friend along the way to where you want to go. Alternatively, it can be that one who tagged along and is annoying the hell out of you. You wish they'd...

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Stop regretting, start doing

Regret and avoidance There’s a great video going around at the moment (you can check it out below) about regret, showing people’s biggest ones. Why did all these people make choices that were not in line with what they really wanted? This is because they chose to...

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How to use hypnosis as next-level meditation

A question I’m often asked in my practice is whether hypnosis and meditation are similar, and what are the differences between them? Meditation has become increasingly popular in recent years, with Mindfulness leading the way as it's become widely respected as a tool...

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Get rid of your ‘personality’ limitations

Is your personality real or is it just a memory? OR How to become a banana We all have a story and we’re all great story tellers. You might consider yours a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ story, you might say it’s been mostly joyful or tragic. You might feel it’s been exciting and...

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Maya Zack | Brighton & Hove and London hypnosis

Maya Zack | Brighton & Hove and London hypnosis

News and Events

Thank you to all those who came to my talk as part of the November Hove StressBusters events. We focused on how you can use the Sedona Method™ combined with hypnosis for de-programming and re-programming and it was an absolute pleasure to share this with you! Join me on at other upcoming events, for details please check my events.
Sharing is caring! Have you benefited from the Sedona Method™ and do you think it could help others? Refer a friend to a Sedona programme and get another half price session yourself! Sessions also available on Skype.
Are you interested in self-hypnosis? Learn how to use the most powerful tool you've got - your own mind. You can now book a session specifically for this. This session can be entirely content free if you wish so you won't need to share any of your personal story with me, and if you'd like to share it with friends, you can also enjoy a 25% discount!
Share a content-free self-hypnosis or Sedona Method™ session or programme with a friend and receive a 25% discount each! You can also build your own group if there are more than two of you, and enjoy a 30% discount!
Also coming up: Introduction to Self-Hypnosis and Ditch your Limiting Beliefs workshops - £65 each or £110 when booking both! For more information about these and other events please visit my events page!


Thank you Maya – I feel so much lighter and at the same time more solid and confident after our 5 sessions using the Sedona Method.  The approach has really helped me to release old feelings and negatives beliefs that have held me back for years and I now feel much more able to live in the moment and make the most the opportunities that come my way.  I got a lot of value from reading the book and working through bits myself, but your gentle challenge and ability to take the problems I have p…
N. Shah, London