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Thank you so much, I really enjoyed it! It was much more effective than meditation on me!

Yamina Labed


Maya was welcoming, friendly and very professional. The techniques I learned were simple yet profound and I’m thrilled to have gained such a transformative tool that I can confidently use to move forwards!

Luca T.


I went to Maya and did the Sedona Method sessions; I went for the 5 sessions process, and I cannot describe in words how beneficial these have been to me.  I saw results after our first sessions; I was a lot calmer and optimistic, I also felt like I didn’t need or require anything from life or anyone. The releases which we’ve worked on have helped me to see life differently, and it has brought a lot of success (in a very short time) into my life; i.e. I always wanted to own my own cafe, but I always felt stuck (like hitting a wall). After my 2nd session with Maya, I found the ideal cafe to buy, and I managed to obtain the necessary purchase funds with minimal effort!  On a personal level, Maya is very friendly, welcoming and you don’t feel judged or ashamed to work on what you need to work on!  I would recommend the Sedona Method, but most of all, Maya – to anyone.



Having worked on myself for many years, using many different therapies, I recently stumbled across the Sedona Method by pure accident. I decided to give the basic Releasing a go and was quite amazed to find my feelings changed very quickly. Wanting to go deeper into the Releasing process, I contacted Maya and booked a session. With life feeling quite stuck and stagnant for a number of years, after having just a few sessions with Maya life has miraculously started moving again and become very unstuck in quite a short space of time and issues that I’ve been struggling with for ages are finally clearing.  I really feel life is flowing so much easier now and great changes seems to be falling in my lap! I’ve had amazing and interesting insights along the way too!  I have no hesitation in recommending Maya, in fact I already have!
[…and after taking the 2-day Intensive Programme]
I would like to say a big thank you for the 2-day programme, I released a lot of stuff! The main thing I noticed after the second day was that my high anxiety about money was no longer with me! Those beliefs about money didn’t seem to ring true anymore, so a very big change there. I generally feel a lot more positive about things in life. I’m realising the money issue isn’t really the issue at all, it’s really fearing being ‘more involved in life’…
This blockage is obviously very ready to go now, no doubt all the work done on the 2 days has helped and I seem to be no longer suppressing it…I [also] used the basic questions on some physical pain last week and within two rounds it was gone and it didn’t return! I was quite amazed!

Helen C.


When I first heard about the Sedona Method I was very intrigued. I had been experiencing high levels of stress, but after just a quick taster of the method during Maya’s free talk, the stress I was experiencing disappeared. After having the 5-session programme with Maya I haven’t been disappointed. Following my first session, a dust allergy that I’d had for as long as I can remember, seems also to have disappeared (a wonderful side-effect of the method as this wasn’t being worked on directly). I also feel calmer and clearer; I’m so pleased I embarked on this journey and am looking forward to other changes using the method will bring. It is beautifully simple.

Beth K.


At first when I heard about the Sedona Method I thought it could be good for changing the way I deal with things my life, and to heal from bad experiences that happened to me in the past. I went to the talk and found out what the method was about. The 5 weeks programme has been one of the best experiences of my life! The Sedona Method has showed me the way of releasing old feelings built up in the past, especially how to deal with the abandoned feeling I’ve been carrying since my dad’s death, and the frustration of my last relationship. It has also helped me to make my mind up and get back to study which is fantastic because I now know what I want to do with my life!
After the third session I managed to release all of what was hurting me or stopping me from taking decisions…I was able to let it go, creating an enormous feeling of comfort! I’ve been using the Method ever since and it works…I now enjoy a peaceful state of mind. Thanks Maya you have been an amazing guide!

Krika K.


Thank you Maya for all that you have shared with me…I really love the Sedona method and it has already had a profound effect on me. It has come into my life just at the right time. I had been questioning for some years how to successfully release old stagnant emotions and deal with emotions that come up on a daily basis…I now have my answer. I was very impressed by the way you lead the programme and I knew from the opening talk that you were somebody I could trust and learn from. You seem to embody what you teach which is a most beautiful thing.

Martin L.


Thank you Maya – I feel so much lighter and at the same time more solid and confident after our 5 sessions using the Sedona Method.  The approach has really helped me to release old feelings and negatives beliefs that have held me back for years and I now feel much more able to live in the moment and make the most the opportunities that come my way.  I got a lot of value from reading the book and working through bits myself, but your gentle challenge and ability to take the problems I have presented and turn them into things that we can work productively with, have really helped me bring it all to life and shift things further and faster.

N. Shah


Working with Maya has been a joy. A long standing illness that I had been battling with for nearly a year has completely healed and my relationships with those I love and work with have dramatically improved. I highly recommend working with Maya to create the life you want and most importantly deserve.

Nicolle Carter


I’ve had absolutely amazing results…I wanted to give up smoking and I had stopped…I have forgiven people that I never thought I would…all the pain went…amazing.

Patience Mugawazi


After reading the Sedona Method book I thought that it could be very useful for me and I booked a number of sessions with Maya. During the sessions I uncovered some thought patterns that were lingering under the surface and this has helped me deal with a long standing issue that I had. Since then I’ve also used the method on a number of occasions to deal with issues as they arise. The sessions with Maya helped me understand the method in a deeper way and I would have no hesitation in recommending her.



I looked into Sedona as I was stressed about several aspects of my life including work, relationships, people’s perceptions of me and my perception of myself. Since starting working with Maya, learning and practicing the Sedona method, I can honestly say it’s worked! I’ve managed to release a lot of tension that was holding me back, and drop repeated negative thought patterns that would occasionally crop up just as things were going well. Now I feel a lot more settled internally.

R. H.


The Sedona Method has been quite amazing for me. Long held issues have finally been released and I feel a sense of peace. It’s simple and yet profound. Maya has been very supportive and I would recommend her to anyone.



I felt such a deep sense of relaxation and beingness…I thought I was a fairly relaxed person generally…but as a result of the session felt a completely new experience of being.


East Sussex

Maya Zack | Brighton & Hove and London hypnotherapist

Maya Zack | Brighton & Hove and London hypnotherapist