The academic performance & exam preparation programme

Academic performance programme - Maya Zack hypnotherapy Brighton & LondonFor students, secondary schools & universities

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This programme for exam preparation and academic performance allows students to:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Be more focused
  • Feel confident
  • Change negative thinking patterns into positive mind-sets and self-talk
  • Become more in charge of their emotional and mental state
  • Remain calm under pressure and be more easily able to retain and retrieve information
  • Perform better and achieve higher marks / grades
  • Improve overall self-esteem and well-being

The exam preparation programme helps students using deep relaxation, Mindfulness, concentration and confidence building techniques. These allow them to remain focused and confident while under pressure, whether while studying, writing assignments or taking exams.

Why take this exam preparation & academic performance programme?

This package for exam preparation package is based on experimental research I’ve recently conducted investigating how effective hypnosis is for exam preparation and reducing stress and anxiety in university & higher education students. Results showed significant improvements in 100% of participants using this exam preparation programme. The most significant improvements were reported by those suffering the highest levels of anxiety.

Both students as well as teachers and schools in the UK are under increasing pressure to achieve good results. In fact, the number of young people receiving counselling for dealing with exams rose 20% in 2016. There has also been an increase in the number of students experiencing emotional and mental health issues as a result which affects other areas of their life too.

As a result, many students experience:

  • Fear of failure – of not being able to take in, retain or retrieve information learned
  • Stress and anxiety around the prospect of having weeks’ or months’ worth of study and revision
  • Difficulties writing essays, assignments and/or dissertations
  • holding onto perceived weaknesses rather than strengths and talents
  • Being easily discouraged by time pressure, negative self-talk and beliefs, criticism or minor set-backs
  • Subsequent poor study-skills often preventing them from performing and achieving their best

Confidence for exam preparation | Maya Zack academic performance specialistMindfulness is already being used in schools all across the UK as the government looks for ways to improve the education system. This has more recently also taken off at universities.

This academic performance programme offers many of the benefits as Mindfulness does, with the added advantage of being an even more specifically directed and targeted approach, getting better and quicker results .

Exam preparation and educational performance specialist services
What exactly will students experience in the exam preparation and academic performance programme?

During this academic performance programme set over 3-5 sessions (depending on your specific needs and challenges as a student or in your school), students will:

  • Become aware of any negative thoughts and negative or critical self-talk
  • Be able to let go of those thoughts and focus on positive images of success
  • Feel more relaxed, as well as become more aware of their own ability to relax
  • Easily access positive feelings of confidence and other resources whenever they need or want to

This exam preparation programme and techniques will add real value to both students and teaching staff. It can be used not only for exam preparation and academic performance, but as tools for life. The programme increases overall focus skills, confidence, self-worth, social skills and well-being in and outside the academic institution.

The exam preparation & academic performance programme cost:

Brighton: £215
London: £285
Skype: £195
These are for individual students for 3 sessions. If you are an academic institution, please get in touch to discuss your needs.

Additional services – for academic institutions

The exam preparation programme can be extended by additional services and sessions I provide. These benefit your school and students adding extra value by offering a more holistic approach:

  • Improving learning strategies. These are not specifically used for exams but for overall performance as well as life-skills.
  • Boosting performance and public speaking skills.
  • Improving motivation.
  • One-to-one sessions with students who need extra support.
  • Stress releasing sessions and confidence building for teachers and staff, whether in group setting or one-to-one.
  • Ongoing support and regular access to my services.

I’d be delighted to discuss this with you further so if you’d like to raise the performance levels at your school please get in touch for more information or to schedule a meeting.

Maya Zack | Educational performance specialist Brighton & Hove and London

Maya Zack | Academic performance specialist Brighton & Hove and London