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Business performance & development programmes for a happier, more productive team

Why happy?

Happy Business Performance programmes | Maya Zack confidence hypnotherapy pcialist Research shows that happier employees and teams = more efficiency, productivity and success.

Yes, you probably already knew that without research telling you so. But nowadays, in the age of start-ups and when more and more choose to become self-employed, there is much more awareness around this topic.

More businesses, companies and organisations aim to create a more positive impact on the world while attracting (and keeping!) the best people, minds and skills for the job. They rightly understand that the older business models no longer work, and that in these modern times, the work and business world is about putting people first – both customers as well as employees.

When your team is happier, they are more productive, more engaged, motivated and loyal. They enjoy doing their work. This means better ideas, better products and services, and better relationships with your customers.

Of course, having better looked-after customers is what you want. Happy clients will keep coming back to you and will also keep spreading the word, resulting in more business.

Creating and maintaining a Happy Business environment which empowers your team and gives them a sense of well-being, purpose and job satisfaction can push you forward, help you grow and lead you and your business or organisation onto the next level, becoming more successful and more profitable.

Why use hypnotherapy for Happy Business performance & development?

Happy Business development - Maya Zack London and Brighton Hypnotherapy is an invaluable tool for your business performance. Success is a state of mind!

Your mind is like a computer, only much superior. If your computer has harmful files or windows and programmes that are running unnecessarily in the background, it won’t work properly. It will become slow, some functions won’t perform, it will have less memory and processing capabilities and the system will overwhelm or even crash.

In the same way, if your mind has any ‘harmful files’ or is running programmes that are not useful or necessary, it won’t function as it could and will be far less productive. When your mind is free of these, you’ll be thinking more clearly and quickly, acting more decisively, and feeling calm, focused and in control under pressures and no matter what business or personal challenges you may be facing. You’ll be able to change habitual patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour that prevent you or your team from effectively targeting your business goals and achieving your best.

Meditation and Mindfulness are already being used globally in businesses at the top of their game. The benefits of meditation for health, creativity and productivity have been widely documented. Hypnosis is very similar to meditation, only in many ways it can be even better and more effective, as it’s more directed, specific, focused and faster working.

What about business performance and the Sedona Method™?

Researchers from Harvard University and The State University of New York call the Sedona Method™ an outstanding technique “for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results.”

Happy Business Development - Maya Zack London & BrightonSo how exactly will you gain from a Happy Business performance & development programme?

Here are just some of the areas you can address:

  • Be calm, effective and stress-free, even under pressure. Using hypnosis and the Sedona Method for Happy Business performance you’ll learn tools to help you eliminate stress or overwhelm. Find out more on stress and stress related health issues.
  • Build and maintain positive and productive relationships. We’re all selling ourselves and our ideas in every interaction with others. You’ll learn how to better understand your own and others’ language and needs. You’ll be able to relate, communicate with more ease, self-confidence, assertiveness and effectiveness with yourself, your team members as well as network and negotiate better with customers and potential business partners.Happy Business development - London and Brighton | Maya ZackYou’ll learn how to dissolve conflict; remaining calm, clear, focused and positive. You’ll stop seeking others’ approval, build confidence and self-assurance while remaining open to further learning and development.This will enable you to welcome others’ views while clarifying your own, and to see the bigger picture more easily when approaching new or challenging projects. Find out more about relationships.

    This will help you get more clients and more business, close more deals, and increase your team’s sense of motivation and satisfaction.

  • Maya Zack - Happy Business Development London and BrightonManage time better. You’ll learn to function with the inner feeling of having all the time you need, getting more things done more quickly and easily, remaining focused and alert.
  • Achieve goals more easily and quickly. You’ll be able to take the stress, pressure and any fear as well as disappointment out of the goals process. You’ll let go of any underlying subconscious resistances, blocks, conflicts, doubts and beliefs that might be standing in your way.
  • Develop public speaking and performance skills. Let go of any fear or anxieties, boost confidence, focus and clarity. Being able to speak and present your ideas effectively and engage the listeners is crucial for any professional and business development goals.
  • Develop better leadership skills. Along with better communication, you’ll have tools and better understanding of driving positive performance from your team, motivation and job satisfaction.Hypnosis for Happy Business Development - Maya Zack
  • Develop creativity. You’ll learn how to access and unblock your and your team’s creative potential; problem solving, thinking outside the box and game-changing ideas.
  • Build resilience. Stay calm, positively focused and motivated, even when facing challenges, difficult situations or people, events or systems that are beyond your control. You’ll have the skills to keep your mind clear, disregard unnecessary disruptive thoughts or feelings and to come up with creative solutions keeping in mind the bigger picture.
  • Happy Business development - Maya Zack London and BrightonCreate team-spirit. With better communication skills between them, a shared vision and values and increased inspiration and motivation to achieve your company’s goals, your team will be far more productive working together. You will have a powerful force driving your business forward!
  • Address any health related issues you or your team members might have that are affecting their quality of work or may even be a burden financially, including stress, smoking, anxiety, sleep problems and more.

Most importantly…

Enjoy your work!

People who love and enjoy what they do, do more. They work smarter and harder, and see better results.

Businesses thrive when people thrive.

More and more people are becoming disillusioned with their jobs, which may pay the bills but leave them feeling stressed, unhappy and unfulfilled. Workplaces are where most people spend most of their time, and their job is what they spend most of their time doing.

Having a negative or resistant attitude to work may have been the norm or accepted in the past. But having a passion and motivation for work is no longer seen as some sort of luxury. It’s a necessity for any business wanting to grow and be successful.

Love what you do!

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