Business Development

Move yourself and your team into a higher level of efficiency, productivity and creativity while increasing each team member’s sense of well-being and job satisfaction with the Business Development specialist services.

Hypnosis Brighton and London for business development Maya ZackBoth hypnotherapy and the Sedona Method are invaluable tools for your business development. Success is a state of mind. Our mind is like a computer, only much superior. As you free yourself of any ‘open’ as well as harmful or ‘files’ and ‘programmes’ that are not useful, you will be thinking more clearly and quickly, acting more decisively, and feeling calm, focused and in control no matter what business or personal challenges you may be facing. You will be able to change habitual patterns of thought, feeling and behaviour that prevent you or your team from achieving your best and enjoying your goals.

Researchers from Harvard University and The State University of New York call the Sedona Method™ an outstanding technique “for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results.”

So how exactly can I help with your business development?

Here are just some of the areas that can be addressed:

  • Be calm, effective and stress-free, even when working under pressure, deadlines or systems that are beyond your control. Using hypnosis and the Sedona Method for business development you will learn have tools to help you eliminate stress or overwhelm on the spot and at its root cause, as well as to become more stress-free over time. Find out more on stress and stress related health issues.
  • Build and maintain positive and productive relationships. You will learn how to relate with more ease, self-confidence, assertiveness and effectiveness with yourself, your team members as well as with your customers and potential business partners and clients. We are all selling ourselves and our ideas in every interaction with others. With better understanding of your own and others’ language and needs you will build better networking skills, negotiation skills, helping you gain more clients and more business, close more deals, and increase your team’s sense of motivation and satisfaction. You will learn how to dissolve conflict; remain calm, clear, focused and positive; how to stop seeking others’ approval; build confidence and self-assurance while remaining open to further learning and development. This will enable you to welcome other team members’ views while clarifying your own, and to see the bigger picture more easily when approaching new or challenging projects. Find out more about relationships.
  • Brighton and London hypnotherapy for business developmentManage time better. You will learn to function with the inner feeling of having all the time in the world getting things done more quickly and easily, remaining focused and alert.
  • Achieve goals more easily. You will be able to take the stress, pressure and any fear as well as disappointment out of the goals process, setting and achieving them more easily and quickly, letting go of any underlying subconscious resistances, blocks, conflicts, doubts and beliefs that might be standing in your way.
  • Develop public speaking and performance skills; by letting go of any fear or anxieties, boosting confidence, focus and clarity. Being able to speak and present your ideas effectively and engage the listeners is crucial for any professional and business development goals!Hypnosis Brighton and London for business development Maya Zack
  • Develop better leadership skills. Along with better communication, you will have tools and better understanding of driving positive performance from your team, motivation and job satisfaction.
  • Develop creativity. You will learn how to access and unblock your and your team’s full creative potential and breakthrough thinking.
  • Address any health related issues you or your team members might have that are affecting quality of work, including stress, smoking, other addictions, sleep problems and more. 
  • Enjoy much higher levels of productivity!

Hypnosis London and Brighton for business development

Next: would you like to get in touch to discuss your business goals and  how you can achieve them, find out more about programmes on offer or arrange for me to speak at one of your events?

Maya Zack | Hypnotherapy Brighton & Hove and London

Maya Zack | Hypnotherapy Brighton & Hove and London

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Thank you to all those who came to my Sedona introduction as part of the Hove StressBusters events. We focused on how you can let go of limiting beliefs and it was an absolute pleasure to share this with you! Join me on at other upcoming events, for details please check my events.
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I felt such a deep sense of relaxation and beingness…I thought I was a fairly relaxed person generally…but as a result of the session felt a completely new experience of being.
Vibha, East Sussex