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A little bit about myself and my work

Some challenges can be incredibly difficult to overcome alone. Working with a specialist you have the advantage of not only using effective, tried and tested tools for you to deal with what’s holding you back, but also of keeping you focused and motivated towards your goals along your way.

It’s important you work with someone that’s right for you. As I want you to get the best and most out of our work together, here are some points about working with me that might help you decide whether we’d be a good fit.

So why would you want to work with me?

  • You’re looking for someone with lots of experience, not just qualifications

    (Although you’re right, these are also important. Scroll down for more). I’ve been helping clients in my hypnotherapy Brighton and London practice since 2007. I work with individuals as well as groups, run workshops and give talks. Over the past 10+ years, I’ve been systematically studying the different approaches and tools I use in order to provide you the very best and which I know works! Quality training is obviously essential, but experience, skills and getting results is what counts!

  • You’re looking for someone who’s committed just as you are to your personal goals

    I want to help you move past your challenges and obstacles and I’ll go out of my way to give you the best support in order to do that. I respect you’ve made a decision to invest your time, energy and money into yourself and I know how important this is to you. I’m fully invested too in helping you get the most out of our sessions, advance forward and enjoy lasting changes.

  • You want to work with someone who knows from their own experience and who continues to upgrade themselves and their work

    All the tools I work with, I first test on myself. This is also how I originally got into it all (scroll down if you want to know more about my own story). Just like you, I used to struggle with negative thinking or feeling patterns that held me back. Having worked on myself I moved beyond anywhere I thought I’d ever get to. I can help you because I know what it’s like, and I’ll offer you specific strategies to move beyond your own blocks. I also continue to train and progress myself so that I can provide you with the best quality service and the best of my skills. Never stop learning…

  • You know that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’

    I’ll develop a step-by-step plan to address and reach your personal goals as quickly as possible. This is whether using hypnosis, the Sedona Method™ or both, depending on what suits you best. We’ll work collaboratively using powerful techniques to help you take charge of hidden, suppressed or untried yet potentials and to find solutions to your challenges, in a way that fits you and your individuality. You’ve made the right decision to address your personal issues and you deserve to be valued as a unique person. So my work is always personalised, not just ‘following the book’.

  • You’re tired of the past holding you back and don’t really feel like going into it

    My approach is positively focused on solutions rather than on problems or where they came from. We’ll be working mostly on the present and future rather than the past. I believe that although the past may have brought you to here now, it’s irrelevant to where you can go from here now. I believe that often, what hold us back are constant revisiting, analysing and trying to make sense of the past. But in fact this is holding onto the past, and only reinforces past issues instead of moving beyond them. This is why often people go to therapy for years without much real progress.

    It’s always in this moment only, that you can access your inner strengths, resources, change your mind-set and become free of whatever was limiting you. So although sometimes it’s helpful to look at the past in order to get some insight or closure, I will focus mainly on moving you forward, onwards and upwards from where you are!

  • You want to be empowered and more in charge of your own thoughts and feelings

    You want more than to overcome or find relief from what’s holding you back right now. I’ll teach you easy-to-follow tools you can take home and use on your own. This will speed up your process and also allow you to apply them to any other situations and areas, for the rest of your life! I would love to share this with you because I believe my work and mission is not only about helping but about empowering people. Self-reliance, personal responsibility and freedom are some of my highest values. I also believe more individual freedom will help make this world a better place…one small step at a time.

  • You’re looking for something different

    Maybe you’ve tried other tools or therapies and didn’t find them useful to you. I’m one of the only Sedona Method™ practitioners in the UK, offering you a technique which Harvard University described as “stands out far and beyond the rest for its simplicity, efficiency, absence of questionable concepts and rapidity of observable results.”

    You can also combine hypnosis with the method. As the method directly targets your emotions and hypnosis works additionally with your thinking processes, these together offer you a very powerful formula for change.

  • You want to enjoy the process

    I’ve even got a sense of humour.

What credentials have I got?

  • A Master’s degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy (with Distinction) at the University of West London
  • A practitioner diploma at the reputable London College of Clinical Hypnosis
  • Full member of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis
  • An additional qualification in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy at UWL
  • Sedona Method™ one-to-one coaching levels 1 and 2 in Sedona, Arizona, under the guidance of Hale Dwoskin, the author of The Sedona Method book.

What else?

I work with individuals, groups and businesses to promote personal and professional development in my hypnosis London as well as Brighton & Hove practices. I take part in different community events, and run talks and workshops. Presentations include the Brighton NLP group and at the Hove StressBusters events where I’m a regular speaker. My work has also been featured in local magazines and I’ve been interviewed on Brighton radio.

I’ve also qualified and have been a hypnobirthing instructor since 2008. I run regular classes for pregnant couples, helping them experience a calm and fear-free birthing. My work in this area has been featured in the national Green Spirit Magazine.

A little bit about my personal story and journey…

I first came across self-hypnosis around 1999. I had just been released from the Israeli compulsory National Service after nearly two years, during which all I thought about and wished for was to be free to do what I felt and wanted. And so the time came, and I expected life to be ecstatic; I thought I’d be dancing around all day, full of energy, passion for life – which would in turn embrace me and offer me exciting adventures and opportunities. I thought I’d be finally free to express my true thoughts and feelings, and finally, to live my life to the full, on my own terms. Just me and the big wide world which was going to smile back and welcome me into my new future and adulthood. Nothing was going to stop me!

Well…things didn’t turn out exactly like that.

It soon became clear it wasn’t the army service that had held me back or stopped me from being who I wanted to be. What was really stopping me was nothing but myself. My own negative thoughts and beliefs, anger around past experiences and trauma, and fear. But who or what  was really stopping me from behaving completely differently the next day? Why couldn’t I just wake up and be exactly as I would like myself to be? After understanding how things of the past, which I was identifying with, affected my so called ‘personality‘, I decided that they may have influenced me thus far, but they didn’t need to determine my future.

So then I came across self hypnosis. Having always had an interest in perceived ‘reality’, the mind, the universe and their unlimited nature, this was perfect for me. I was convinced of this incredible power I had (somewhere!) in me and my subconscious mind. I also believed in that nature is perfectly designed, purposeful and striving to evolve. I started practicing exercises. It took a lot of practice indeed, but I was determined and motivated towards the idea of freedom. There was nothing I wanted more or considered to be more important. I also enjoyed these exercises a lot – because they were profoundly relaxing and uplifting. They became a habit.

I gradually turned into.this person I wanted to be. I was also discovering abilities, resources and information that previously seemed unavailable. In fact, I was surpassing any ideas of what I thought I’d be able to achieve… I asked myself, was I this person all along? Why would I want to be a different ‘other’ person? Maybe, this ‘other’ person was in fact the ‘future’, more developed but already present ‘me’ just wanting to come out and be expressed? It became very clear that it was simply me holding onto what was holding me back…

After some traveling, I ended up in London. Being very passionate about hypnosis and knowing how it completely changed my life, I went on to study it. I wanted to share it with others. Discovering the Sedona Method™ has taken things to yet a new level, finally breaking through and freeing myself of stubborn blocks that by then still seemed to reach only so far. My personal freedom, self-awareness and contentment were now reaching new depths and heights, and it was an obvious step for me to train in that too.

After 7 years in London I moved to Brighton in 2009. My journey has not ended. I’m constantly learning. But I know the unlimited nature of us. I realise that dreams of ours, feelings of wanting to be ‘more’ than we are; “better”, more powerful, more peaceful, more talented, more loving, more of anything – are there so that we make the move to realise or become them, or more accurately – to uncover them. They are signs – telling us about our real potential which is as limitless as our imagination.

Our mind is basically in charge of everything. But while from a young age, we learn many other subjects and take in vast amounts of information about the world outside and around us, we’re not being taught how to properly and purposely use this most precious tool. It’s through my own experience that I’m passionate about this work; empowering and helping you regain, reclaim and realise the power you’ve always had! Our happiness and joy is not dependent on anything other than on our state of mind. Our happiness is here for us to experience, right here and now. And being more joyous and loving in ourselves first of all, is the first thing we can do to spread more joy and love around us… I believe that improving and evolving ourselves is the best way to help the world on a whole to evolve too.

So if you’re ready to take the next step, or if you’ve got any questions, let’s talk! And if you’re interested in what else I’ve got to share of my knowledge and experience, or you’d like to know more about where I’m coming from, do check out my blog posts!

Maya Zack | Hypnosis London and Brighton & Hove

Maya Zack | Hypnosis London and Brighton & Hove