How can hypnotherapy help?

In my hypnotherapist Brighton & London practice, my work is goal oriented and focused more on the present and future rather than on the past, creating new ‘programmes’, new patterns of thinking and behaviour. You’ll also be able to let go of negative or limiting thoughts, belief systems and feelings that used to hold you back even without going into the past stories that have created them.

Hypnotherapist Brighton and London services Maya ZackYour subconscious mind is pretty much in control of your experience; your emotions, thoughts and beliefs, imagination, ideas, memories and even your central nervous system, thereby influencing and even determining your mental, emotional and physiological state. Most Likely, any problems you might be faced with are rooted in the subconscious, as of course no one would consciously choose to behave in ways that cause them problems or difficulty! It’s extremely difficult though to control unconscious behaviour through conscious effort on its own. Consciously you probably recognise that some behaviours, habits or responses are causing you problems or discomfort, but subconsciously your mind is telling you there is some benefit to this pattern. Therefore you can use hypnotherapy to address almost any issue you might be dealing with, as well as a tool for growth, learning and achieving your goals.


Hypnotherapist Brighton & London specialist services

Get help with:

Stop smoking
Fears and phobias
Anxiety and panic

Stress management
Confidence and self esteem
– Performance: public speaking, sports or musical performance, exams etc.)
– Sleep problems
Health: pain management, IBS, Skin problems, Tinnitus and more
– Improving relationships

– Motivation, creativity and productivity
– Addictions
– Trauma
– Sexual issues
Anger management
– Depression
Pregnancy and birthing
Personal development: hypnotherapy is a tool for growth and progress, not only for dealing with ‘issues’!

Hypnotherapist Brighton and London services Maya Zack

If your issue is not listed here, please check for more information related to your health, relationships, career, or get in touch to find out how I can help and where you can find my hypnotherapist Brighton or London practice locations. I offer FREE consultations!

Hypnotherapist Brighton and London services Maya Zack

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