Hypnotherapist London and Brighton sessions cost

Hypnotherapist London and Brighton as well as Sedona Method sessions. Sessions can also be arranged to be held at your office in some London areas, as well as in and around Brighton and Hove.

If you would like to discuss cost options and special programmes for your business or school, please contact me.


  • Per session £95
  • Stop Smoking (2 sessions) £245
  • 4 Sessions in Advance £340
  • 5 Session Sedona Programme £420
  • 2-day Intensive Sedona Programme £565


  • Per session £75
  • Stop Smoking (2 sessions) £225
  • 4 Sessions in Advance £275
  • 5 Session Sedona Programme £325
  • 2-day Intensive Sedona Programme £485


  • Per session £70
  • Stop Smoking (2 sessions) £190
  • 4 Sessions in Advance £250
  • 5 Session Sedona Programme £295

*Please note*
Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance, otherwise a cancellation fee will be charged:
London £40 / Brighton £25


Special offers

    • Refer a friend to a Sedona programme and get 50% off your next session

      Sharing is caring! If you know and have experienced the powerful effects of the method, please share so others can benefit too! As a thank you for spreading the word, enjoy a session at only half the price! This could be a Sedona OR hypnosis session.

    • Share a session and receive a 25% discount

      Share a content-free self-hypnosis / Sedona Releasing session or a Sedona programme with a friend and save 25% each. If there are more than two of you, you can hold a group and enjoy a 30% discount.

    • Receive a 10% discount if you’re a returning Sedona client

      You’ve taken one of the special Sedona Method programmes with me, you know they work and you want more… so why not, when you can enjoy a 10% discount on any future Sedona sessions.

Should you invest in this?

I totally understand that some people are unsure about whether to invest money into themselves. Unlike buying the latest gadget or spending on a night out, you might not know in advance exactly how what you’ll be getting out of this will express itself. Or maybe in the back of your mind something is telling you that investing in your own well-being is secondary while other things come first. But you’re here now for a reason, and you’ve already shown strength in taking that first step. Imagine yourself and your life without the obstacles you’re experiencing right now (and that you’re probably pretty tired of). Is it not a huge relief? Is it not going to improve other aspects of your experience too? Is that not worth investing in? Are you not worth investing in? What price would you put on peace of mind? Not only do you deserve the best, but you might just regret not having done it much sooner!

If you’re still undecided about whether you want to go ahead or whether I can help you with your specific challenges using hypnosis or the method, please reach out. I offer FREE Skype or phone consultations, so just get in touch, I’d love to hear from you!

Hypnosis workshops:

Introduction to self-hypnosis – £55
Break through your limiting beliefs – £65
Please check for upcoming dates and details.

I’m also available for self-hypnosis workshops, for stress management and personal / professional development group sessions, and am happy to offer free introductory talks about the Sedona Method, whether you’re a business seeking to improve your performance, health care provider, or a group of friends with an interest…

Please contact me for more details, I’d love to hear from you or answer any of your questions!

Maya Zack | Hypnotherapist London and Brighton & Hove

Maya Zack | Hypnotherapist London and Brighton & Hove

News and Events

Thank you to all those who came to my talk as part of the November Hove StressBusters events. We focused on how you can use the Sedona Method™ combined with hypnosis for de-programming and re-programming and it was an absolute pleasure to share this with you! Join me on at other upcoming events, for details please check my events.
Sharing is caring! Have you benefited from the Sedona Method™ and do you think it could help others? Refer a friend to a Sedona programme and get another half price session yourself! Sessions also available on Skype.
Are you interested in self-hypnosis? Learn how to use the most powerful tool you've got - your own mind. You can now book a session specifically for this. This session can be entirely content free if you wish so you won't need to share any of your personal story with me, and if you'd like to share it with friends, you can also enjoy a 25% discount!
Share a content-free self-hypnosis or Sedona Method™ session or programme with a friend and receive a 25% discount each! You can also build your own group if there are more than two of you, and enjoy a 30% discount!
Also coming up: Introduction to Self-Hypnosis and Ditch your Limiting Beliefs workshops - £65 each or £110 when booking both! For more information about these and other events please visit my events page!


Having worked on myself for many years, using many different therapies, I recently stumbled across the Sedona Method by pure accident. I decided to give the basic Releasing a go and was quite amazed to find my feelings changed very quickly. Wanting to go deeper into the Releasing process, I contacted Maya and booked a session. With life feeling quite stuck and stagnant for a number of years, after having just a few sessions with Maya life has miraculously started moving again and become very uns…
Helen C., Slough