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Our minds are much like computers – operating according to programmes and systems that have been put into place ever since we were born – whether by others or by ourselves as a result of our personal experiences. Sometimes as we’ve been identifying with ‘who we are’ so strongly and for such a long time, we might not believe we can change these programmes. Personal development is all about understanding that change and growth are not just possible, but entirely natural. The major problem people have when wanting to change and grow is that they’re aware of conscious beliefs and behaviors, but often not of the subconscious ones. In fact, the subconscious mind is hugely more powerful than the conscious mind and it is said we operate over 95 percent of our lives from subconscious programmes, and it controls not just our mental or emotional states but even our physiological health.

Hypnotherapy London and Brighton for personal development | Maya Zack

Brain neurological pathways

These programmes are not really who we are, but merely a set of instructions we have been continuously repeating or carrying out and identifying with. These are all based on ‘memories’. Neurologically speaking, instructions and information are passed along the same neurological pathways in our brains over and over, as these are ‘familiar’ to the brain, and as the efficient tool that it is, it’s saving us time and energy by running on this ‘automatic’ mode. Have you ever wondered, what would happen if you somehow lost your memory one day? Who would you then be? What would be stopping you from behaving in a way that is completely different to the way you are behaving now?

The answer is nothing. Nothing would be stopping you.

Additionally, the more open or incomplete ‘files’ or programmes you have running at any given moment on this powerful computer, the less productive you are. A computer with many open programmes will eventually slow down or malfunction, sometimes it will even crash. Similarly, emotionally charged or incomplete experiences are like these programmes and files that have been left open running in the background, using more of your available energy, memory and processing ability, causing you to not operate at your best, and sometimes, to even ‘crash’. This can manifest as mental or emotional challenges, as well as physical illness.

Therefore, in our personal development we need to work with the subconscious so that we can create lasting change. We can close and free ourselves of any of these past programmes or files; by either letting go of the emotional charge that keeps them open and in place, or by changing the set of instructions so that it serves us best. Think of it as choosing the best software for yourself, while the hardware is our brain and nervous system.

Have you ever stopped to think what it is that stops you from being, having or doing whatever it is that we want in life? What is it in our mind and in these programmes that holds you back from being happy, or going after and achieving our goals and dreams? There are two main blocks, or limitations, that are preventing you from manifesting your best and highest potential and keeping you from feeling happiness in the present moment.

These are fear and beliefs.


Fear manifests in many different forms and not necessarily the obvious ones, and unfortunately, many of our actions, choices and decisions are motivated by subconscious fears, some of which we are not even aware of. Hypnotherapy London and Brighton for personal development | Maya ZackThere are endless kinds of fear – fear of people and what they might think, say or do; of certain situations; of objects; of change; of the unknown; of being alone; of failure; of success; of not being in control; of any threat to our well being, safety or life-style; of not being loved or accepted; of death…the list goes on.

Fear also creates a vicious cycle – as when your actions are based it, you actually strengthen it and it becomes even more difficult the next time to disregard it or even recognise it. You might be thinking you’re simply doing the best thing for you when in fact you’re subconsciously wanting to keep you ‘safe’. The more we act on fear, the more fear we create. It’s like a monster pet that grows every time you feed it…

Have you ever had the feeling that all this fear and worry is just a waste of time…? That no matter what you do, ultimately you won’t be able to control what happens; that worrying about future stuff is pointless as you’re not there yet; that you have only this one life; that you will die in the end (yup, you will!) and/or that it’s all just a big adventure? Yet still, even though you understand this on a mental level, you just can’t seem to shake this fear off?


Ever since the day you were born, you’ve been accumulating experiences and learning from the world around you, gradually building belief systems. However, your beliefs are never truths but always subjective. They are based on your personal perspective; your own life experiences and the way you’ve interpreted them. They’re also based on information and stories you are constantly being fed and exposed to; whether fiction, half-truths, media news, and even half-heard conversations. Things you’ve been told by parents and other siblings or relatives; teachers; friends; colleagues; professionals; newspapers; the internet; books and so on. You’re also constantly being fed visually, with even less awareness around what’s sinking into your mind. You see thousands of images on TV; films; the web; advertising etc.

Beliefs also create a vicious cycle and stand in the way of your personal development; as they form a sort of filter to your vision of the world; you expect things to work in a certain way and don’t see any other possibility as you don’t believe in it. So everything you then experience is filtered through this limited lens – only allowing you a limited experience, in turn reinforcing the limited belief that was very possibly never true to begin with. Hypnotherapy London and Brighton for personal development | Maya ZackIn this way we continuously block from our experience both external opportunities that are out there, as well as inner resources, talents and abilities we think are not in our reach, whether because we have ‘always been like this’ or because it’s a ‘fact’ something is just as it is, or not possible, or difficult to achieve. We adopt many beliefs that cause us to suffer unnecessarily. The difference between those who are successful or content and those who aren’t, is in their mind set – they hold positive beliefs in themselves, in the world around them and in the possibilities that are available! How could you possibly recognise an opportunity or a resource within yourself if you don’t believe in it?

But why would one adopt beliefs that don’t serve them, empower them, free them, make them happy…? This is because the building of belief systems is a subconscious process, and therefore it’s important to change them on a subconscious level rather than just understand that they might not be serving you. Just imagine…all those thoughts you might have of “I can’t…” or “It’s not going to happen…” or “It’s too late” or “that’s just the way it is” or any other belief that dis-empowers you or makes you unhappy in any way, no longer being present. Imagine now, just for a moment, that instead, you firmly believe that anything is possible… that you can do anything! Imagine acting out of that place and that state of mind; clarity, free of fear, full of confidence, motivation and inspiration…

Do you think your life would be playing out any differently?

“It is the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief…and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”  – Muhammad Ali

Emotional Freedom

In my Sedona Method™ and hypnotherapy practices for personal development, you can transform any area of your life, whether it’s your health, relationships or career and financial state you want to improve or take to the next level; feeling happier, more fulfilled, and going after what you really want in life, trusting in possibilities and in resources rather than in limitations. Hypnotherapy London and Brighton for personal development | Maya ZackThese tools can help you with anything where there is an unconscious element to the feeling or behaviour…which means pretty much everything! Working with these tools, you will feel free of your limiting beliefs and fears that are holding you back, keeping you away from manifesting your dreams. They will also help you make decisions, develop better awareness and understanding of yourself; how you operate; why you think, behave and feel the way that you do and how to change these to your benefit, exploring hidden talents and abilities, accessing subconscious creative resources, increasing confidence, motivation, self-worth, improving learning, concentration and performance.

Nothing really is stopping you from becoming the most talented, successful, fulfilled or powerful being that you really are but your own limiting or negative thoughts and feelings, your critical self-talk in your head telling you things can’t be done because you or the world is X or Y. There is nothing wrong with you, it’s just that you’ve never learned how to properly access or use your mind in a way that will serve you… What’s more, is the fact that your feeling of wanting to be ‘more’ than you are right now, only goes to show that within you, you already are that which you wish to be; as you wouldn’t possibly be wanting to be something you are not. If you want to be something, it’s just your inner self and potential wanting to be expressed. If this inner-self didn’t urge you, how would you ever follow and manifest it? Your dreams are there to signal to you what you are capable of, what path you could take and what’s possible!

Having a mind that’s clear of constant chatter, and a heart that’s free of pain, resentment or fear, you are able to experience being present in the moment rather than living the emotions of the past or worrying about the future. Most importantly, as you discover that everything you’re looking for is available within you, you’ll be able to experience true, lasting and non-dependent well being, more joy, peace and contentment. Not some day in the future when you hope this or that will happen, or when you’ve succeeded somehow or worked hard enough to deserve it. But right here and now. Hypnotherapy London and Brighton for personal development | Maya ZackOf course being human means that you experience many different emotions and that you don’t feel ‘happy’ 100% of the time, but you can experience uncomfortable emotions while still being in a ‘state’ of happiness and contentment. Happiness is a mental and emotional state, not an object you need to attain or a place you need to get to. These, you’ll discover, is a choice you make, and it can be a simple one to make too.

Next: find out how what all this means for your personal development in health, relationships or career!

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Maya Zack | Hypnotherapy and personal development London and Brighton & Hove