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We all wish our work or career would reflect our talents or sense of creativity; something we enjoy doing and expressing in a certain way. We dream of doing this successfully for a living; being rewarded with financial freedom and success as well as with personal fulfillment, purpose and meaning, whether it’s a musical path we would like to take or business we’re interested in. Maya Zack hypnotherapy London and Brighton for professional development and career

It’s an unfortunate fact that many of us work at jobs, positions and fields that do not reflect our true passions, keeping us unhappy or dissatisfied, while continuing to dream of ‘one day’ when we’ll be able to do what we really want. At the very least, we want to do well and enjoy the job or career we already have.

So how can hypnotherapy help you with professional development?

These are both powerful tools for achieving goals you might have regarding your career and as well as your business and professional development

  • To start with, you can find out what it is you really want to be doing… Surprisingly many people have not figured that out, having spent their lives going for jobs that were expected of them or those they believed would make them happy as they were safe or well paid. Perhaps they just lacked clarity, or perhaps they felt there was never much choice.
  • You are able to then let go of any fears you might have of going after what it is you really want – here are just a few of the fears that you might be experiencing:

– Fear of failure – do you doubt you will ever be able to get that job or set up that successful business? How is it that we have no fear going after jobs we don’t care about as much and we might even get up to quite high positions in those areas? How is it that we are willing to spend all this time and effort advancing in these jobs we don’t really want? It’s because if things don’t go quite as planned, it’s not a disaster as we didn’t really want it in the first place…but ‘failing’ our biggest dreams? No thanks, we’d rather not even try.
– Fear of success
– this might sound strange at first as it’s a more subconscious and less obvious fear. We are so used to ‘dreaming’ or striving to things, we can’t actually comprehend the idea of us London and Brighton hypnotherapy for career and professionsal development Maya Zackachieving it all – as that would literally change our lives and ourselves entirely. We stick to what we know – even if it’s a compromise – still we feel more comfortable with it. We’re afraid of the unknown as well as of not having anything left to dream of or wanting to achieve – what would we be left with then?
– Fear of financial insecurity
or stability.

  • You will be able to easily drop all those beliefs standing in your way, to name but a few:

– I will have to work very hard to achieve that
– It’s too late / I’m too old / I can’t learn something new
– I’m not good enough / I’m not good as others are
– It’s impossible / hugely difficult to achieve this, especially in this financial climate
– I haven’t got the time / energy / money

  • Get rid of procrastination and other blocks that are holding you stuck in place and are preventing you from achieving your goals. You’ll be able to increase your focus, motivation, energy levels and inspiration!

Hypnotherapy Brighton & London for professional development Maya ZackIt is only our fears and beliefs; our state of mind and heart that separate those who achieve from those who don’t. Not their talents, not the external circumstances. You can become free of these limitations and create instead a winning mindset for success, and using hypnotherapy and the Sedona Method, this can be much simpler and easier than you think!

Just imagine: waking up in the morning, full of energy, focus and motivation looking forward to your day and to doing your job, something you truly enjoy, that fulfills you as well as rewards you financially!

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Maya Zack | Hypnotherapy for professional development Brighton & Hove and London