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There are many mind-body health benefits to hypnotherapy and the Sedona Method™. It’s been scientifically shown more and more in recent years that our subconscious thoughts and beliefs are critical for our mind-body health and can even alter the molecular structure of genes.

Here are just some of the health related issues you would be able to address; to completely transform or greatly improve:

In addition, I’ve also successfully worked with conditions that are considered to be ‘manageable but incurable’ achieving great results – in some cases without addressing them directly but rather the feelings surrounding them, using the mind-body connection:

  • Allergies
  • ME
  • Melasma
  • Tinnitus
  • IBS

And much more…if your issue is not listed, why not get in touch and ask me how I can help you!

Other health benefits you can experience with the Sedona Method or hypnosis:

  • Higher energy levels
  • Heightened and clearer senses
  • You can learn how to get instant relief of symptoms whenever they occur
  • Calm, clarity and peace of mind.

Just imagine: living in-ease, with a clear mind and body and full of energy!

Our mind-body connection

In addition to being in charge of our emotional and mental health, our thoughts and feelings have a direct and profound effect on our physical and physiological health and well-being. Our mind is much like a computer. The hardware is our brain and nervous system and the software is all our thoughts, feelings, memories and beliefs, as well as our basic innate intelligence, talents and resources. Just like a computer, we have an operating system: which is the programming for our basic body functions and the underlying intelligence within us that enables us to learn and gain information and knowledge; we are born as ‘learning machines’; absorbing information with no effort; e.g. learning to walk and physically function, learning language, learning about the world around us etc. All that we need to function well in life is already part of this operating system. As we go through life, and accumulate experiences and data, our memory gets more and more full and our processing capabilities get overloaded, causing all our functions to be slower and less efficient. Experiences that have no emotional charge to them – that feel complete and do not occupy us – are like highly compressed files. However, emotionally charged or incomplete experiences are like programmes and files that are left open running in the background (consciously as well as subconsciously), so they’re using much more of your available memory and processing capability. Over time, these open programmes and files prevent us from functioning effectively in life and from learning and acquiring new information and useful skills; they create mental confusion and conflict because they are often sending contradictory messages that interfere with your conscious intentions and with each other. The more open files and programmes, also the less memory available even for your basic body functions like respiration and digestion. Additionally, negative feelings, ideas and beliefs also make your system vulnerable by acting as harmful ‘viruses’ and other attacks, making you weaker, no longer operating easily and as it should, and sometimes even bringing about the crashing and breaking down of the computer-mind-body, causing illness and dis-ease.

As you free your memory and processing capability by letting go of the emotional charge that’s keeping these programmes and files running in the background, and as you create and add new, positive and useful software, your systems can shift into more optimal function.  Without the emotional feelings of incompletion; without all those programmes open and running, your energy and memory are no longer drained.

Maya Zack hypnotherapist for mind-body health London and Brighton & Hove

Effects of stress on the body.

It’s a known fact today and no surprise then that many if not most of our diseases are related to stress. Another reason for this, is that our autonomic nervous system (ANS), is made up of two parts; the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems. The parasympathetic system is the one that’s responsible for self-healing, renewing and repairing. This is the system that’s in charge when we are in a state of calm, and the one we are meant to be in for most of our life-time. The sympathetic system however takes over as a response to stressful feelings or thoughts of fear, anger, tension, etc; and it creates what is called the Fight or Flight response, which changes the bio-chemical and physiological environment and responses within the body, releasing stress hormones and preparing the body for emergency action. This is nature’s way of protecting us from potential threats; it is a survival mechanism. However, this system responds to both real as well as imagined threats, so what happens is that people are spending too much time in this state of physiological high alert as a result of mental stress or negativity, when we should be in this mode for only short periods of ’emergency’ time. When we spend too much time with this state, our bodies are left exhausted, chemically unbalanced and toxic, and are not given the chance to spend time in the calm state when it can renew itself and heal. Over time this manifests as illness and disease – which is the body’s way of signalling to us that something is not right; or of resisting; trying to rid of toxins or fighting them or any other unwanted bodies. This is a manifestation of our mental and emotional state.

Once we are diagnosed with a condition, even more negative charge builds up around it (such as fear, anger for having it, frustration, perhaps embarrassment etc.) as well as negative beliefs from past experiences or information and stories we’ve heard. These all add to reinforcing the negativity and keeping the condition in place. It’s been also shown in recent research that our physical cells (as well as water, which of course is what primarily makes up our bodies!) have and hold onto memories too, just like we do. So in the same way that we become full of negative charge and energy in the form of thoughts and feelings as a result of some of these memories, so do they, resulting again in cell-malfunction and illness.

Our subconscious mind holds all the needed information for creating and maintaining a healthy body, in the same way it has that information to create us in the first place! In my hypnotherapist London and Brighton & Hove practices, you can let go of the negativities that have created the condition of dis-ease as well as those that are keeping it in place; the tension, fear, other negative feelings, as well as beliefs around the condition, thereby allowing new possibilities, shifts to happen and the body to heal itself. Additionally, using hypnotherapy techniques of suggestion and visualisation (which is the subconscious’ primary language) has proven to be hugely powerful in treating many conditions, as not only can you create positive expectation and issue new instructions to your subconscious mind (which is really responsible for all our involuntary functions), but the hypnotic trance state in itself returns us to experiencing the calm, relaxed state in which the parasympathetic system is in charge, allowing self-healing and repair.

Next: find out how you can achieve this by using hypnotherapy and the Sedona Method!

Maya Zack | Specialist hypnotherapist London and Brighton & Hove

Maya Zack | Hypnotherapist London and Brighton & Hove