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Relationship services Brighton and London. Get advice and use powerful tools to overcome challenges. Here are some of the main obstacles and problems standing in our way to having fulfilling, healthy, productive or loving relationships, whether with partners; family; friends; colleagues or anyone else:

  • Painful baggage from previous experiences which often holds us back or creates repeating patterns in our present ones.
  • Fear of another’s actions, reactions, feelings and thoughts as well as of the loss of the relationship.
  • Lack of honest and open communication.
  • Our own fears and limitations we either project onto others or expect them to be a solution for; making them responsible for our own experience.
  • Low self-esteem – we then try to get approval from the other in order to feel good about ourselves, or disapproval to further validate our self-destructive beliefs (we love to be right!).
  • Wanting to control or change the other and/or their behaviour, as well as wanting or expecting them to meet our expectations.

In reality, we will never be in control of anyone else or their experience, and so wanting to control, change, or fearing the other’s behaviour only brings us frustration and suffering.

So how can the Sedona Method™ and hypnotherapy help you to have the relationships you want?

  • First of all, you can let go of any past associated painful or traumatic feelings as well as beliefs, so you can finally move on into new, healthy and trusting relationships and without repeating any patterns that sometimes keep coming up due to unresolved issues.
  • You will have a tool for instantly dissolving conflict and creating understanding instead.
  • You will be able to easily express yourself, freely and honestly yet in a more positive and productive way.
  • You will become free of wanting to control others and their actions, reactions or feelings.
  • You will develop high levels of self-esteem, confidence and self-love, therefore you won’t be constantly needing or seeking it from others. 

When you no longer have the desire to be in control of others, you experience acceptance and your state is no longer dependent on them; allowing others to be themselves, and by doing that, you will find that you (as well as them!) allow you to be yourself as well, instead of constantly trying to prove yourself or be someone you think would be loved or appreciated more.
Relationship services Brighton & Hove and London Maya Zack hypnotherapyWhat you then find, is that you no longer need others’ acceptance as you accept yourself, and instead of wanting to please or wanting anyone’s approval, respect or love, you discover your own loving nature and you find that as a result more loving or acceptance is created all around you!
Wouldn’t it be great to come into a relationship not needing the other’s approval or acceptance, but rather be overflowing and wanting to share your own?

When you love yourself you don’t need others to love you, although you find that naturally follows as a result. Even when we understand this, it might be difficult to experience this in practice…but with these powerful tools you will be able experience rather than just understand these concepts!

Next: find out how you can achieve this with hypnosis and the Sedona Method!

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Maya Zack | Hypnotherapy relationship services Brighton & Hove and London